We offer:

1) Producing of roofing with lake reed of:

  •  residential buildings,
  •  gastronomical and tourism buildings,
  •   heritage parks, manor houses, economic buildings,
  • garden sheds,
  •  umbrellas,
  •  other objects of small garden architecture such as wood sheds, swings and bird tables.

2) Producing of wooden constructions:

  •           summerhouses,
  •           umbrellas,
  •           wood sheds,
  •           other objects.




All of our projects are under guarantee.


Wicker matting

Our firm is also producing wicker and reed matting. It is a natural, ecological fence. The advantage of wicker matting may be high esthetic and decorative values as well as it a barrier against wind, dust, noise and maybe even nosy neighbours.











We offer renovation of roofing with lake reed:

-          removing of moss, lichens and crushed layers of reed,

-          refilling of defects ( patching holes )

-          refurbishment and refilling of gables ( heath and straw )

-          impregnation of roofs with the use of the preservatives preventing the growth of moss and lichens.










maty sepatec


Why renovation?

A very frequent phenomenon on reed covering is the growth of moss and lichens. It is more intensive on the northern side of the roof. Moss and lichens have a negative influence on reed because they violate the natural outflow of water. Additionally moss and lichens keep the roofing damp for a long time what shortens the durability of coverage. Cleaning the roof improves drainage and outflow of water from the roof and definitely prolongs its vitality and makes the new roofing look more esthetic.





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